Approximately 85% of couples that maintain sexual relations regularly without contraceptives conceive within one year. Although there are many factors which can hinder and delay the process, we propose that a year is the logical time for those who have tried and not succeeded they should go to the specialist. There are cases in which it is recommended to accelerate the process to increase the possibilities of conception:

  • If you are not clear about the necessary measures to increase the options of conceiving.


  • If the woman is over the age of 35; It is not recommended to prolong the time to conceive when the woman is over this age.


  • There is a wide consensus amongst scientific specialists who have classified this age as a critical point in a woman’s fertility.


  • Absence of menstruation in a woman for more than 6 months.


  • Existence of risk factors such as endometriosis, repetitive miscarriages and family background....


  • If the man has had a vasectomy or if the woman has had Tubal Ligation.


  • If any member of the couple has suffered a disease which might influence fertility.


  • Transmittable Disease; If any member of the couple carries any transmittable disease and there is a risk of transmitting it while having sexual relations without protection to try to conceive.


  • Other non pathological causes; work conditions which does not allow the couple to have regular sexual intercourse.