Rincón Fertility Institute (RFI) takes part in different bio medic investigative products as a plan of Research + Development + Innovation (R+D+I) of our enterprise

The RFI was the first centre in the world to make a pre-implantational genetic diagnosis for a rare disease associated with Muscular dystrophy, the congenital paramyotonia. Nowadays; genetic diagnosis has considerably developed and today we can pre diagnose a big number of diseases. The CRFI cooperates with the molecular medicine unit of Clínicas Rincón and Investigation groups at Malaga University, amongst them, the one directed by Prof. Reyes Engel, expert in clinical genetics.

Our compromise with biomedic science is complemented by our services, which allows us to improve each application in the field of reproductive medicine. That’s why; since the RFI was founded we have actively collaborated in the matter of basic and translational investigation for its application in our centre. Frankly; there’s no better initiative than to encourage the business development in strategic areas such as biotechnology, to strengthen the genesis, with the use of innovative technologies and to transform it into new knowledge. For all of this, the CRFI shows it’s dedicated support to the formation of researchers under Excellency and help projects Torres Quevedo as enterprise plan of the R+D+I.

Medicina Molecular, la medicina del futuro